Feeding the Darkness šŸ’€

Is loneliness so real that it can make you want to wish you didn't feel anything at all? Logic reminds me that it's all in my head, but my heart still breaks into pieces otherwise. Sometimes I contemplate staying here - in this dark place. Since when did I become so haunted with memories of... Continue Reading →

Nerve Damage

Since I promised myself I would be unabashedly honest with every single blog post and every avenue of my life since I turned 30 - I have to express that I find it a lot easier to write about my relationships with others than my relationship with my parents. It isn't because of the circumstances... Continue Reading →

Raw Like an Open Flesh Wound

There are only two things in life that scare me more than spiders and drowning ā€“ certain memories of my youth and the last two years of high school. Iā€™m already dreading what Iā€™m about to write ā€“ mostly because in order to do that you have to feel everything all over again which is... Continue Reading →

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