Things I Like To Say Yes To

Beach days Another glass of wine Netflix when it asks if I'm still watching Smiling without command Walks when it's warm and sunny Sharing an appetizer with a friend Random apartment visits when I'm lonely Clothes shopping Fluffy blankets in bed Rasta snuggles Good music Buying myself flowers Dinner dates All the cheeseeeeee Naps Personal... Continue Reading →

Things I Wish I Could Say No To

Jealousy Loneliness Sadness People who are rude to someone who's serving them in some way My body for waking me up early on weekends Binge eating when I'm bored People who try to tell me who I am Snowstorms Bills Death Disease Religious cults Overbearing opinions Mosquitos Politics Temperatures below 25 #day4

Describe Yourself

Who are you? An ambiguous mix of sure things and unsure things. What are your likes and dislikes? Likes: Music that really speaks to me, food that makes me dance a little, movies that cause to me think or jump, animals and their purity, curling up with fluffy blankets, wine that wakes up my tastebuds,... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Overly Concerned

...with the status of my emotions. I've come to accept and appreciate that I don't hardly write from a place of joy or content. I feel lost. Always, if I'm being honest with myself. Even when I think I have a direction, it's monetary forward movement, never actual trajectory. The most accurate way to describe... Continue Reading →

My Lucky Number

Exactly 3 years ago today I took a solo leap into the unknown. ❤ What I've discovered while spending all this time falling in love with myself: Every relationship I've been in has hurt me in ways that have changed my life, because I let them, both hurt me and change me. Sex has hardly... Continue Reading →

Sorry is Too Small a Word

Dear Inner Child, Being trapped in my own personal hell seems to be the theme of 2018. Every minute has become a battle between giving in and finding a way out. If I’ve left you feeling unheard, uncared for or unloved, it isn’t because it’s what you deserve. It’s merely a reflection of how messy,... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Deconstruction

5/27 Some days I wish I could love someone else the way I love you. Other days I’m grateful to know my mirror exists and I’m not in this world entirely alone. Now if only I could combine those two emotions and be satisfied in what I do and don’t have without feeling ungrateful, lonely... Continue Reading →

The Heart of the Matter

All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning again. 13 Reasons Why Season seems so paradigm, drastic and societal. But every one of their stories is real...for someone. So here I sit crawling back in time to a segment of my reality that tears have never shed for before. Who do we think... Continue Reading →

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