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Before I dive into any more about myself, I want to first tell you a little secret. “Loretta” is a nickname that was given to me over 12 years ago now and after reading some of my posts you’ll soon become very acquainted with the reason why I added “Lippy” to the front of that.

I’ve been writing for fun, as well as sanity, since I was old enough to understand what a metaphor was and how poetry could make you feel something inside of your soul that you’ve never consciously experienced before. My most prominent writing days truly began around the time I was a young teenager where the things I wrote on paper were something only a parent would have nightmares about which then grew into romantic love stories that have now evolved into inspirational and yet explicit biographies of my life.

Connecting with other honest and powerful human beings is what truly motivates me to continue along this journey of creativity toward my destiny and I’m excited to see where it will lead.

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