Describe Yourself

Who are you? An ambiguous mix of sure things and unsure things.

What are your likes and dislikes?

Likes: Music that really speaks to me, food that makes me dance a little, movies that cause to me think or jump, animals and their purity, curling up with fluffy blankets, wine that wakes up my tastebuds, lingering sunset skies, the waves of the ocean, laughing until it hurts, smoking a cigarette after sex, flowers so vivid they draw me in and the sun on my face.

Dislikes: When ignorance is bliss, bullies of every kind, sand in my flip flops, cold rainy days, lack of self-awareness, olives, disloyalty, chronic self-satisfying individuals, stale coffee, animals without a home, Coldplay, pumpkin everything, anxiety, wet socks, spiders.

List your personality traits: self-aware, enigmatic, assertive, honest, loyal, smart, generous, genuine, impatient, independent, easily frustrated, sarcastic, emotionally disorganized.

What makes you who you are? Everything I am, am not, enjoy, don’t enjoy rolled up into all of my experiences: past, present, future.


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