“Two lost angels discover salvation.”

I’ve come to realize from years of heartbreak, both in friendships and relationships, that respect and loyalty are not traits that come naturally to anyone – myself included.

I was convinced that they had to be taught and learned through life experience alone.

But time isn’t what builds character. The need to be greater – that’s what pushes oneself to grow.

I was so hopeful in my pursuit to believe that people wanted to be better, always striving for more because happiness is what we all want so bad.

I’m not talking about temporary happiness…I’m talking the kind that flutters around inside your heart like butterflies to nectar. The kind that brightens your eyes and heightens your senses like fresh flowers on a sunny summer day. The kind that puts you at ease because you know that no tomorrow can change how you feel today.

My light dims for all the darkness in this world, the incapability and all the people who never give themselves the chance to feel even a hint of eternal bliss.

Love deeply my friends. Love with every fiber of your being, because without giving all of yourself, you stand to lose everything.



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