You ever have those relationships in your life that taught you things before you knew what those lessons even were? I’ve been blessed to have many of those on this journey, some much greater than others.

High school was an experience I’d like to forget. But without DAW I don’t think I would have made it through. How did one know me before I even knew me? Karmic soulmates. They’re equally as important as any other connection. He was the best friend of my abusive boyfriend. The only one who demanded I deserved more, having intimate knowledge of what was to ensue if I continued along that path. Some days I wish I would have listened, but then I wouldn’t be right here, who I am and where I am.

Best friends are the gems you find in a sea of sharks. And sometimes you’ve got to let them go, even when you don’t feel you are ready. Some days I miss that connection, other days I’m glad I have nothing holding me to those memories anymore.

I don’t forget though – just appreciate.


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