Hear Me Roar

America Made Me a Feminist – The New York Times

“The American woman is told she can do anything and then is knocked down the moment she proves it.”

But much like boxing, you get right back up because eventually they’ll get tired of swinging and that’s when you go in for the final punch. #timingiseverything

This article in the New York Times really got me thinking…since when did the actions of others have the authority to determine another persons success? And since when did people start putting everything else in this world above anything other than what soars our soul and fuels our passionate desire to be happy? Because we define our “success” by handing over our power. Don’t you dare fall into that trap. Yup, you heard me, it’s a fucking trap. To trap you into feeling less than. To trap you into becoming part of a tribe that no longer knows what it means to be unique. To trap you into believing that the gifts you were born with are someone else’s to give.


Those chains aren’t real. They’re a self-proclaimed prophecy that only has the ability to control this world if we continue to perpetuate it’s growing cycle. I love myself too damn much to fall for any of that bullshit and I love all of you too damn much to remain silent. Open your eyes, ears, hearts, minds, bodies, souls to the abundance that is possible when you follow your dreams. Love you and her and him and even them, because without these battles, we wouldn’t know what it means to fight for ourselves and we sure as shit wouldn’t appreciate it nearly as much.

Time your punches just right.

Love! xo

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