What Has Been Isn’t What Will Be

Everyday I tell myself that the past doesn’t define my future. That what has been isn’t what will be. At what point do your words hold true and manifestation becomes your reality?

Maybe it’s in those sudden deep breaths you take to calm your anxiety while driving home from a night with friends. Maybe it’s in those few minutes you find yourself lying in bed comfortably before rushing around to start the day. Maybe it’s in those thoughts of pure comfort while you watch the water roll in and roll out.

I wish I could say that I find it easier to live in the moment now that it’s been eight months on this journey. At first glance, that seems like such a long time, but in the big picture of my life, it’s just a blip.

I remember the day I decided that I would set myself free – of regret, unnecessary standards, outside demands, guilt, fear, dishonesty, pain and resentment. After the initial sadness of what I had to let go of wore off, a wave of clarity washed over me and I walked through it without drowning or gasping for air. Freedom without chains is much like twirling in the rain with nothing to think about besides how soothing those drops feel on your skin.

I’m not sure when I picked up some of those links again, but they are heavier than I remember. It’s a conscious decision to remain free and one with yourself. Don’t make promises that one day you will wake up to be a perfected masterpiece – your soul is already there, everything else exists only within your mind.


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