Be Candid as Fuck

Thought of the day: Time goes by way too fast. I swear that I blink and suddenly it’s a week later, which is so god damn intense considering all of the things that one can experience within merely a 24-hour period, and then add 6 more to that.

This journey toward self-discovery has been one of the most fulfilling paths I’ve ever taken in my entire life. It’s like a high I’ve never felt before, and man have I felt some pretty euphoric highs in the past…of the substance variety. It’s an unreal experience and I honestly hope that everyone eventually has the opportunity to find their own because even though it’s one of the hardest, it’s also the most satisfying home your mind and emotions will ever live in.

Before this journey, I had absolutely no idea that I liked to dance even though I’m a duck in a pond full of graceful swans. I was unaware that being by myself actually makes me feel better after a rough day. I never knew that my mind had so much power over my body or that sunsets reset my energy in a way nothing else can. Every single Wednesday I trust in my mat. Two hundred and twenty one days ago I made a promise to stop using sex as a tool to fill my voids. Up until today, I had not truthfully considered the fact that I’ve never made a real commitment to myself in all my 30 freaking years of being on this earth plane. I had absolutely no self-love. No wonder I’ve been so fucking lost for so fucking long. Love is where it all begins and ends. It is why we laugh, play, fight, cry, smile and breathe. Without it, we are nothing.

So I’ll leave you with this tidbit to munch on for a while, and be candid as fuck with yourself: What commitment have you made to show you that you love you?

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