Brutal Car Crash

It’s quite the world we live in when there are people more interested in pausing their life to watch a car crash, whether it’s reading about it, filming it, photographing it or even being witness to it while standing by the wayside offering nothing genuine to help. As an outsider to this perspective, I can only believe that it’s because they would prefer to drown in their own avoidance.

I’ve found that most of my top-viewed posts are of the car crashes in my life. The brutal ones. The ones that come from the darkest and deepest depth of my own previously peirced heart and soul.

It’s human nature to want to feel that you are not alone, especially when it comes to pain. I know there are far more of us out there that read, watch and photograph with the pure intention of resonating with others and helping however we can.

All of us at some point or another will go through things we think will kill us, mentally or emotionally, but more than a fair amount of you will manage to rise above the ashes stronger than ever before.

To all of you beautiful ones, nothing can stop you. No amount of gawking, others fear or judgement will leave us paralyzed to withhold from expressing ourselves.

No one will ever be you. No one will ever have your talents, your scars, your words, your eyes for art, your ears for sound, your anything that makes you everything.

Don’t hide behind your doubts. They will only rob you and the world of your gifts. You are sublime.

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