Admittance out loud is always my favorite step toward making a change. So why not utilize this “worldly” platform for all including myself to see, that I will no longer hide from my own insecurities. I hope this will motivate others to do the same, if nothing else, to know you are not alone.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve written anything of meaning deep within my soul, besides recipes. For a while I forgot who I was. I found myself terrified of being truly vulnerable. Of putting pieces of my heart and how I felt out there, where there’s a very open door to be judged by my peers. This is not because of how others can be, you will never be able to control that or them, nor would you want to. It was because my fears have always been induced by the unmerciful standards I hold myself to on a constant basis. I don’t remember the day that I stopped loving every fiber of my being, but those days no longer exist now.

We all have an ego. We all have a devil, an angel – we are only human. Chasing perfection will continually leave you unfulfilled and disappointed. Be patient with yourself. Accept your flaws. Accept your baggage. Love yourself no matter what. Choose life, not fear. Everything good in this world starts and ends with YOU.

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