Strangled and Solitary

Sometimes the seed you plant,
So far behind the thick walls,
You’ve built up to protect yourself,
From anything of similar pain,
Becomes buried so deep within you,
That you lose sight of what keeps you tucked away,
From the warm beating hearts of humankind.

Sometimes the distance you create,
So far away from everything real,
That leads to happiness,
From giving none of yourself,
Becomes the weight that holds you back,
That keeps you solitary,
Holding you hostage from the life you are meant to lead.

Sometimes the coldness you feel within you,
So icy and untouchable,
That withers your insides,
From conditional love,
Becomes the unwanted enemy,
That strangles you,
From the person you are and always have been.

Sometimes the darkness surrounding you,
Is really just the brightest of light,
That feeds your damaged soul,
From the depths of inner peace,
Reminding you of what you truly are,
Creative space,
With a creative mind.

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